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Green Building & Design is one of this blog’s main content categories. The following are some of the posts on green building-related topics that have been published on The Green Spotlight or on its sister site (M. Landman Communications & Consulting):

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A lot of new green building content will be added to the blog in coming months. These are some of the topics that we’ll cover in upcoming posts:

  • Green product certifications, eco-labels, standards, and lifecycle data
  • LEED ND certified projects: Update of completed neighborhood developments
  • One Planet Communities
  • Green operations & maintenance practices for households (and for building managers)

February 28, 2012

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Rollin White July 8, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Developers, architects and builders are beginning to realize that Net-Zero Energy Building (NZEB) is central to the future of our industry. Currently, there isn’t a definition. Furthermore, the measuring science doesn’t exist. The National Institute of Standards and Testing has been conducting conferences to flush out a system. One idea is “Whole Building Metrics”. Zero Energy Concept Building (ZECB) goes beyond NZEB because this approach is holistic. ZECB includes technology to purify waste water and improve indoor air quality by harnessing the power of Mother Nature to replenish these resources. A draft of a definition for Zero Energy Concept Building (ZECB) is on a website developed for this purpose. Links are provided to support conclusions backed up by 3 years research. There are two pages on the site; the HOME page illustrates an example of a ZECB and the second page is a draft of a definition for ZECB. Here’s the link

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