Haiti: Sustainable recovery, community development, and rebuilding initiatives

The Lambi Fund of Haiti has an established track record of implementing successful programs for sustainable development and agriculture, community economic development, and economic justice in Haiti. Their local empowerment initiatives have helped to improve food security, water safety, resource conservation, and community self-sufficiency, particularly in rural areas. The Lambi Fund will be actively engaged in forward-thinking initiatives like these to help Haitian communities recover economically after this terrible earthquake. Please check out their website for details about their efforts.

In addition, a number of groups from around the world will be involved in rebuilding housing and other buildings in Haiti after the earthquake. Many of them will strive to build more sustainable, disaster-resistant structures. Click below to learn about the efforts of these important organizations:

For the more immediate relief needs of emergency/transitional shelter, a couple of options include: World Shelters and ShelterBox. Please consider supporting the work of one or more of these organizations by donating or volunteering for their projects.

Update (4/5/10): Also see this new commentary on Rebuilding in Haiti, by Allison Arieff on The New York Times website; and a description of several Haiti redevelopment programs suggested by Sustainable Land Development International.


January 16, 2010

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