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mlandman-logo-smallTGS is published by M. Landman, founder of M. Landman Communications & Consulting. She is an experienced environmental advisor, writer, and editor. She provides practical guidance on green practices and policies, regenerative land use, climate stabilization, resilience, environmental/public health, and strategies for overall sustainability. She has been involved in environmental endeavors for more than 25 years. In the past, she worked as a journalist—as a producer, writer, and reporter for public radio’s Living on Earth program. She also used to be a green building consultant.

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“The Green Spotlight can astonish with its accessible ecological solutions that address everyday life questions. We’ve been charmed by the clarity, variety, and the helpful nature of the interesting features presented. As regular readers, we found ourselves well on our way, easily and quickly, to a more sustainable lifestyle. Many thanks to the Spotlight for shining a light that points the way to Go Green.”

Kat and Bernie Krause, Wild Sanctuary | Arctic Live

“The Green Spotlight is a priceless, up-to-the-minute toolkit of educational, practical, and cutting-edge green information! The green movement is a big, fast moving train and M. Landman’s blog goes a long way in helping me keep pace with it. What makes me a devoted reader is that the articles are informed not only by the idea of ecological sustainability but by the broader, deeper, and more truly sustainable vision of “green for all”: environmental, economic and social justice as integral parts of a sustainable future. I regularly use The Green Spotlight as a current events reference for my students in green-collar job training.”

John Cothran, CGBP, HERS, Green Building Instructor

I love this blog! The Green Spotlight is well-researched, practical, and extremely valuable as a learning tool. I am so impressed with it.”

Connie Weber, educator, curriculum designer, elementary school teacher, faculty member at Harvard University’s Future of Learning Summer Institute

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