Films with Green Themes: Energy, fuel, climate, food, farming, health, etc.

This is a listing of green-themed films that came out in the last few years (between 2006-2011). I have not seen all of these films, so I can’t say that all of them are worth seeing, but many of them have won awards or been critically acclaimed. Click on the links below (or go to to see previews/trailers, reviews, and descriptions of each film. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see a list of some green film festivals; those sites provide videos and information on even more films.

UPDATE: Also see our newer posts on Green Films of 2015 and Green Films: 2012-2014.

Films on energy, fuel, and/or climate change:

Films on food and/or farming:

Films on other topics (e.g., health/toxins/pollution, water, localization, dolphins, etc.):

If there are other relevant films that you’ve heard of or seen and would recommend to others, please add those in the Comments section below.

* Films that are marked with an asterisk are films that have a more positive or funny bent than many of the others. There are only so many bleak films about reality that people can watch in a row without getting depressed or angry and feeling helpless to make a difference. I find that it’s best to take in some positive stories, solutions, and humor now and then, to keep myself sane and motivated…

UPDATE: Also see our newer posts on Green Films of 2015 and Green Films: 2012-2014.


Green Film Festivals

These are a few of the annual film fests that I’m aware of. Please let everyone know about others by contributing a Comment! Many of the festivals’ websites feature video clips or entire films (short and full-length films), and they list many additional, new, independent films, beyond what I’ve listed above.


August 1, 2011

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Vic Gaffney September 23, 2013 at 2:30 am

Thank-you sincerely for your compilation of films & videos.
This is a very useful resource to share with others … and sharing is caring!
Love & peace!

Christiane B September 22, 2013 at 10:15 am

One Earth Film Festival is a Chicago area film festival that creates opportunities for understanding climate change, sustainability and the power of human involvement. During its inaugural event in 2012, the fest drew over 500 viewers to enjoy a rich program of 33 remarkable films. The 2013 festival’s 1,900+ attendees screened 40 films in locations throughout Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park and Chicago, IL, and participated in riveting discussions on a wide range of sustainability topics. In its third year, the 2014 One Earth Film Festival in Chicago (and surrounding suburbs) will run March 7,8,9, 2014.

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